Iced Biscuits at Crazy Daisies Bakery

Iced biscuits at Crazy Daisies Bakery – we are creating beautifully designed iced biscuits, which can be personalised if required.  Iced biscuits are wonderful as a gift for someone, but many people are buying these from us to use as place names/favours at their wedding, as they can be designed to suit the theme/colour of the wedding, and can be used as both the place name, and also as the favour.  We also supply centrepieces – i.e. branches on a tree stump, with crystals and biscuits hanging from the branches, and these could also be personalised to use as the favours/place names.  These items can be hired, which saves cost of buying the white branches that they sell in shops, which are quite pricey to purchase.



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